We are experts
on optimization

We optimize oil and gas production by generating information in real time

We promote the production of oil and gas to care and think about the next generations

We apply solutions with expert knowledge which provide information in real time to optimize the production of the deposits while minimizing the effects on the environment

Our Attributes

Research and innovation for the development of knowledge-based products to optimize and manage hydrocarbon production processes

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Innovation (I + D)

Optimization, diagnosis, monitoring and control of processes

Optimum Oil & Gas is defined on optics of a digital optimization and control implementation of oil fields, as a technology system which integrates the acquisition and transmission of large volume data in real time for use in data processing and operations centers, distributed computing systems, and mobile devices

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It modifies the perception of production optimization through the use of state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies, based on solid knowledge: it is a system created to maximize hydrocarbon production


It can be used by systems of all kinds: from a system made up of a single well to a complete field with multiple producing wells, injectors, gas injection facilities, diluents, chemical products, among others


It has the ability to integrate with systems
and pre-existing facilities, providing benefits
immediately, without the need for modifications


With a user-friendly design, obtained through
the constant interaction with our clients, it
adapts to the needs of different users
and organizational levels, functioning both for
operational control, as well as allowing
statistical management and decision making


It offers alternatives for diagnosis, optimization
and control, and it also has additional functions for the management of other subsystems such as bottom or surface diluent injection, dual artificial lift systems, electrical consumption control, etc.

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