Digital optimization and control
of oil fields

The acquisition and transmission
of large volume data

allows the total management of technologies for the multi-platform application of analysis on production data, application of advanced models, with the possibility of reproducing virtual models in real time and visualizing it in an interdisciplinary collaboration environment, automating the actions of the optimization team and field production



As an intelligent system, it receives information in real time about the operation of the well and the production of fluids. This information makes it possible to generate a model of the influx behavior of the deposit towards the well



Once the maximum supply condition has been determined, the restrictions are established at surface and reservoir levels with the aim of ensuring optimal management of the asset and, in an iterative process, the target condition is reached through the sensitivities of control parameters, to maintain the mechanical integrity conditions of the system



Once the objective is achieved, a state of monitoring of the conditions is established until there are changes in any of the elements of the subsoil-surface system

Characteristics of
our solutions

Fully open application which can communicate and integrate with any
control and supervision system which the company has

Interoperable application

Fully open application which can communicate and integrate with any control and supervision system which the company has

Application flexibility

It can scale to the level of wells, tillers, fields or deposits thanks to the modularity of the functionalities, with the applications of artificial lift systems

Intelligent solution

It is a suite of solutions with multiple adaptability which guarantees the optimization of hydrocarbon production, focuses on artificial lifting and has the backing and local support of automation and production specialists

Knowledge powered by oil experts

The implementation of control algorithms is based on the knowledge developed by oil experts

Cutting-edge technology

The system adds value by incorporating procedures and technologies based on algorithms and artificial intelligence functions

Ability to learn from data and actions

We offer availability of information in real time, which is of great value for decision making

Maximum final recovery of hydrocarbons

Expectation of increases in production up to 12%

Comprehensive optimization of the HCS production system

Optimum OG improves the efficiency of the production operation and reduces resource and input costs

Benefits of
our solutions


• Analysis and decision making in real time

• Limit control of the mechanical components of the system.

• Historical data analysis

• Optimization based on the maximization of production based on the global control of restrictions

• Real-time model tuning from production data and signals from field instrumentation

AIT / Operational Maintenance

• Integration of multiple data sources

• Early identification of faults

• Interoperable functionality

• Direct link to operational databases

• Redundant system for data processing and storage

• High reliability and operational continuity

• Implementation of functionalities in virtualized modules


• Comprehensive well management

• Global monitoring of the field: advance of fluids (water & gas)

• Prioritization of wells according to key indicators (Oil production rate vs Diluent Consumption, Water Oil Ratio, Electricity consumption per Barrel produced)


• Production increase up to 12%

• Costs reduction

• Integration of ancillary services

• Accumulated accounting

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