We are experts
on maintenance

Committed to efficiency and industrial development

We make things work

We integrate the productive chain of the industry developing maintenance and engineering solutions which allow us to improve efficiency of the processes and which enhance the growth of our clients

Our Attributes

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Capacity and professionalism

Quality of service

Innovative solutions tailored to the client

We provide comprehensive solutions

Our comprehensive maintenance and engineering solutions are customized for our clients with the aim of improving indicators of assets, the efficiency of processes, of maximizing production, minimizing human, environmental and operational risks

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We ensure quality processes and standards through the certification of IRAM-ISO 9001 standards

We minimize the impact of operations on the environment

We maximize the efficiency of the processes

We train the intervening personnel

They trust us

When you join BLC Global you become part of a great team

We are an organization with more than 200 collaborators who work based on the spirit of community, developing an environment conducive to professional and personal growth with an excellent work environment

Why work at BLC Global?

It is an excellent opportunity if you are looking for:

• A constant challenge
• A global experience
• A technology company in constant growth
• Customer-focused culture

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