Our solutions as a company

We provide comprehensive maintenance and engineering solutions tailored to our clients with the aim of improving the indicators of their assets, the efficiency of their processes, maximizing production, minimizing human, environmental and operational risks

We improve asset indicators

Process efficiency

Maximize production

Minimize human risks

Minimize environmental risks

Our services



We carry out calibrations of process and laboratory instruments under ISO 9001 certification

On-site support for maintenance tasks during annual repairs

We provide specialized technical support


Maintenance of automation of industrial systems

We develop and implement process improvements

We provide start-up assistance, including FAT and SAT tests

We provide specialized technical support


Repair and configuration of industrial electronic equipment

Execution of preventive and corrective maintenance plans

On-site support for maintenance tasks during annual repairs


Electrical tests and measurements on motors, generators, transformers, switches, protection
relays, battery banks, ups, capacitors

Generator status evaluation by Flux Probe test

Grounding measurement services and electrical tests according to Res SRT 900/2015

Thermographic inspections



Operation and maintenance solutions for photovoltaic parks

Scheduled corrective maintenance service

Technical advice


Instrumentation and industrial automation

Engineering developments oriented to process improvement

Turbocharger control

Turbine governor retrofit

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