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Preserving the
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Through knowledge of the market and the interpretation of our clients' problems, we have the possibility of integrating our suite of solutions to the plant to manage its assets

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One platform,
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Optimum PG is a modular and innovative development based on the latest technological tools to monitor, control and optimize management of electricity generation assets, in the global market

It has been conceived based on more than 30 years of experience in the development and implementation of plant monitoring and control of electricity centers systems in different countries, with different technologies

This platform incorporates state-of-the-art technological tools (Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IoT, etc.), to result in a comprehensive monitoring, control and optimization multi plant system for any type of generation

The solution to turn data
into strategic information

  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Multi-protocol
  • Intelligent
  • Modular
  • Acquisition
  • Monitoring
  • Control
  • Operation
  • Management

Our suite
of products

OptimumPG - COG

Comprehensive management system for multiple plants of different technologies

It is the comprehensive multi-plant and multi-function tool for centralized monitoring, control, operation and management of multiple generation assets of different technology, covering operational, commercial and regulatory aspects.

OptimumPG - SCADA

Plant monitoring and control system

It is the solution which allows unified access, supervision, control and operation of the entire plant for any generation technology such as wind, solar, biomass, biogas, hydroelectric, integrating equipment and devices of any kind.

OptimumPG - PPC

Plant energy control and management system

The Power Plant Controller is the system in charge of controlling the generation asset to optimize its production and comply with the regulations of the Network Operator in interconnected systems.

OptimumPG - SOTR

Real-time information for the Network Operator

It is the tool used for the protocolized exchange of information in real time between the generation asset and the Network Operator complying with regulations and using standard market protocols.

OptimumPG - RTU

Acquisition and control unit in medium and high voltage

It is the solution to acquire, interpret, remotely control and redirect field data of any kind, regardless of the type of signal or technology.

OptimumPG - DAG

Disconnection system, automatic regulation and island formation

It is the tool to automatically disconnect, regulate, and manage generation together with load disconnection of one or several plants simultaneously in interconnected systems and/or isolated systems.

OptimumPG - SMEC

Measurement system and power quality at the point of connection

It is used for energy measurement at the power transfer point between the generation asset and the interconnected system.

Our suite
of services

Monitoring and management of assets

It is the ideal support for decision-making and focuses on maximizing the production of renewable parks. It tracks technical performance with daily, weekly, and monthly reports, which also include normative analysis

Dispatch and remote operation

The dispatch and support in the operation of the plant is carried out from our COG and includes a comprehensive solution of services which allow real-time operational monitoring of the asset and ensure regulatory compliance

Communications service

Installation and management services of communications links to cover the different needs of the plants, ranging from informing the network operator to comply with regulations to a simple export of operational data in real time

Technical support and maintenance

Our technical support service guarantees the availability of the systems and applications, through different tasks such as Corrective and Preventive Maintenance, Event Registration, monitoring the activity in our OTRS system and publishing periodic activity and operation reports

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