The developed software platform is responsible for collecting, storing and managing large volumes of data with the aim of optimizing the Utilities business



Features of our MDC

  Residential meters of proprietary protocols
  Management of cutting and reconnection of smart meters
  Management of fraud and quality events
  View and download load profiles, logs and events
•  Generation of dynamic and billing reports
  Linkage with Utilities systems through Web Service
•  Validation, estimation and editing of readings
  Virtual meters
  Multidimensional cube for measurement data analysis
  Commercial meters under IEC / DLMS Cosem / ANSI / ION / Schlumberger standards.
  Residential meters with Alliance Prime / G3 / Wi-SUN hubs
  Dashboards for viewing the status of residential metering systems (AMI)
  Energy balance and anomaly control module
  Module for Time Of Use calendar management
  Multi user platform (multi tenant)



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