We are experts
on innovation

We promote business opportunities through the development of products and services with expert knowledge

Our Attributes


Creation of products with high added value

Management with expert knowledge

We develop products and services with expert knowledge

Our way of working is based on a community spirit. We form interdisciplinary teams with expert knowledge in areas of the energy market and technology. This allows us to develop high-impact products in our target market

We were born in 2020 to create products with high added value within the BLC Global group, focused on the energy market, forming part of its community of companies

When you join BLC Global you become part of a great team

We are an organization with more than 200 collaborators who work based on the spirit of community, developing an environment conducive to professional and personal growth with an excellent work environment

Why work at BLC Global?

It is an excellent opportunity if you are looking for:

• A constant challenge
• A global experience
• A technology company in constant growth
• Customer-focused culture

Join our community, we have many opportunities for you!

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