We create products and services with high added value within the framework of the knowledge economy

Our objective is to become technological partners through the transfer of specific knowledge (know how) applied to the process or business

Headquarters and strategic partners

Host countries

09 / 194

Link countries

23 / 194

We have a comprehensive approach based on the offer of complementary solutions

To achieve the defined business results, we have resources focused on the market segment, diversity in the use and application of technology, areas of innovation and the ability to integrate our solutions into the current systems which are in operation

We achieve this through the customization of our products, with local support, the constant search capacity to optimize the business and the expert knowledge of clients and their problems based on the energy and biotechnology market

Our community of companies has more than 35 years of experience and validity in the market

We have the expertise and human capital capable of providing high added value solutions that allow us to manage, control
and optimize the resources of the energy market


BLC Computación

We have expertise and human capital capable of providing high added value solutions that allow us to manage, control and optimize the resources of the energy market


We enter the energy market

We begin to incorporate electromechanical assembly into our projects in highly relevant projects within the oil industry

We carry out projects in power plants by implementing safety systems in boilers and control systems



We were the first to develop the Real Time Operation System (SOTR) in Argentina, implementing it in CAMMESA

We created our repair and calibration service and industrial maintenance


BLC Venezuela

We started by providing solutions for the steel and aluminum market, then we focused mainly on the oil and gas market


More than 100 collaborators

Our companies develop employing more than 100 collaborators


ESG Argentina

We provide excellent solutions, products and services for the Utilities market


BLC Venezuela

We implement automations in the oil market



We focus our solutions according to the markets in which we participate


We create the R&D areas

We create specialized areas in the study of knowledge and technology to apply in our solutions


ESG Peru

We continue to position ourselves in the Latin American market marketing our products and services


SG Global Services

We create a new company focused on industrial maintenance, facilitating ESG Argentina to implement solutions for remote meter reading



We continue to develop markets by opening our office in the United States to market our solutions



We create a new company with the aim of deepening the development of technological products through the implementation of expert knowledge


BLC Colombia

We continue to expand in the Latin American market, positioning our solutions


BLC Global

We promote the integration of our business community

Global Collaborators


Projects carried out with a global scope


Active clients


Years of experience in the energy market


Who have been with us since the beginning


Focused on key segments


Innovationin our solutions


When you join BLC Global you become part of a great team

We are an organization with more than 200 collaborators who work based on the spirit of community, developing an environment conducive to professional and personal growth with an excellent work environment

Why work at BLC Global?

It is an excellent opportunity if you are looking for:

• A constant challenge
• A global experience
• A technology company in constant growth
• Customer-focused culture

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